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Dr. Bruce Scott Riley is the husband of Karen Riley, the father of Dorian and Jason, the father-in-love to Lauren, and the grandfather to Justice Daniel Riley, and Luke London Riley. He lives in Southern California.

He has been a Licensed Marriage/Family Therapist for over 15 years. His primary focus is “the healing of the family”, which is serviced through his ministry Solutions with Dr. Bruce.
His post-graduate work was done at Trinity Graduate School and the Living Word University.
He has written two books: My Lover, My Friend; Love is not Enough; Making Love Work, and currently preparing the third, The Journey to Forgiveness.
He has also developed a foundation called Refresh the Anointing, which is designed to assist Senior Pastors and other ministers who have private struggles in an atmosphere of confidentiality and anonymity.
He counsels individuals, couples, youth, and children. Some of his favorite events are conducting Couples Retreats and seminars for Singles.
Dr. Riley considers himself a lover of people and offers any help possible to those willing to obey the Word of God, the foundation to the solution of man’s problems.
Keeping in Touch with God, His Word, Fellow Christians, and those in Need, while operating with the Spirit of Excellence…leading to Greatness”
Dr. Riley seeks to share the services of Family Enrichment Housing & Development Corporation (“a.k.a.” Family Enrichment Center) through:
  • Affordable Housing
  • Support to our War Veterans
  • Parenting & Family Life Skills Training
  • Relationship Skills Training
  • Independent Living for Young Adults
  • “At Risk” Youth Program
  • Celebrate Recovery
He is the Senior Pastor of the Praise Temple Apostolic Church here in the city of Long Beach. His objectives as pastor are:
  • Win souls to the kingdom
  •  Make disciples of them to share the “good news” of Jesus by teaching them to be…
He is the second Assistant Presiding Bishop of the Shield of Faith Fellowship, International.
Mailing Address:
3516 Linden Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90807
Ph: (562) 335-6503
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